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The Euroasian Country Called Georgia

Georgia is one example of a European country that is touched greatly by cultural practices and has lots of love for its citizens. These effects and lifestyles make it hard to tell its actual location. Considering its surrounding features, Georgia as a country can be said to be located between Asia and Europe because it is situated at the boundary between two continents. Judging from its location, the republic of Georgia is largely occupied by mountains especially in the Caucasus region. These mountains are at the border of the Black Sea on its west side which is Asia and on its eastern side which is Europe while Russia is situated around its northern border with turkey, Armenia/ Azerbaijan on the southern side.

Originally, that country was known to

Originally, that country was known to many as the Soviet Republic of Georgia while natives called it Sakartvelo. During that period, one of the former Soviet Union rulers known as Stalin was a native of Georgia. Although that fact is known only by a few individuals, that land is also home to important citizens who were heroes during their time. It has a total area of 69700 km and boasts an entire population of over four million citizens. Due to their international network, this country practices a system of governance divided into several units to represent the needs of the people while working for them.

The Euroasian Country Called Georgia

The citizens of this country are so passionate that the language that is spoken in their land is their language which is popular to their citizens while the capital of the city is Tbilisi. Because of its position/ continents, it has faced different rules from both Asian and European rulers in different centuries. Such factors explain their dual identity, making it difficult to say where they belong on the continent. The truth about the location of this nation depends on the description of any individual. If you judge by a map, it is located in Asia but culturally, with the mountains as its eastern border, it could fit in as Europe.

Natives of this place can be identified through their culture especially music, houses or food which have a good indication of Asian origin. Politically, this territory has occupied all their surrounding states from around the 12th/ 13th centuries, they entered into a treaty with the Russian Empire during the 18th century which eventually took over the Eastern/ western parts of the state in the following years. Christianity as a religion is still very relevant as it was when it was first introduced during the 4th century into this nation. Their economic/ social network have since regained strength after surviving a number of civil wars/ Russian occupations before gaining its independence in 1991.

This place is governed by a head of state who stars in as their President and a prime minister who serves as head of government to define them as a perfect rule of law. However, despite the differences in describing the location, they have continued to grow and connect more towards the market economy with other Western bodies.

Kirsten Slaughter