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Georgia Greatest Country in Europe

Georgia is like a far cousin who looks alike, geographically might not be in Europe if Turkey would be included, except what makes Georgia culturally. Its religion is Christian while ancestors of Europe arrived from Georgia, in fact, it gives its local name for a race which is the Caucasian race. Boundaries of ‘Europe’ are not entirely definitive, broadly, the Ural Mountains with Volga River in the East; the Caucasus Mountains and the Bosphorus in the Southeast. The Mediterranean in the South, the Baffin Bay along Nares Strait in the Northwest.

Linguistically, not really (the only language families in Europe are Indo, FinnoMagyar, and BAsque), while Georgian is part of a separate language family. Kartvelian consists of three languages in Georgia itself (Kartveli/Georgian, Mingrelian, with Svan).

Some definitions of Europe place one-fourth

Although they identify with Europe far more strongly throughout their history, they are also distinct world’s very oldest Christian nations (along with Armenia and Ethiopia). The people of Georgia Kartveli (aka Georgian), Abkhaz, and Ossetian mainly belong to Haplogroup G, and rare today in Europe still was a predominant genetic type Paleolithic Europeans between 5000–2000 BC. Plebeians look completely European, too, they tend to blend right in with most Eastern and Southern populations.

Some definitions of Europe place one-fourth of Georgia in Asia, but that’s an outdated demarcation in classical Greece. In modern times, geographers generally include all of Georgia in Europe. Most commons don’t know anything about Georgia or where it lies. For most Europeans, it is “one of those countries” that lies “somewhere near Russia” we don’t know anything about it.

Culturally, Georgians are closer to Europe

It is a bit of a grey zone since it’s on the border between continents, part of Georgia is in Europe that makes it one for me. It’s influenced by European culture, Georgians themselves consider themselves Europeans and want to join the EU. Technically, Georgia would be considered West Asia since most of it falls south of the Caucasus Mountains range. The Caucasus Mountains have traditionally been a southern dividing line between Europe and Asia (anything south of the Caucasus or east of the Urals is Asia).

Culturally, Georgians are closer to Europe than Asians, mainly due to them being Christians and their penchant for being big wine drinkers/producers (it’s true, Georgians love them some alcohol). Their cuisine is unique besides stupefying, and there are similarities to both European and Asian cooking. Appearance-wise, they tend to look like a cross between Slavs and Persians, but they are pretty light-skinned in general.

Georgia Greatest Country in Europe

The modern border of Europe follows the Aegean Sea, the Turkish Straits, the Black Sea, along the watershed of the Greater Caucasus, the northwestern portion of the Caspian Sea, along the Ural River, the Ural Mountains to the Kara Sea, this definition excludes Georgia from Europe.

According to common definitions of Europe, Georgia is a “border state,” much like Turkey. Most of its territory falls outside of Europe, but some pockets in the north could be considered European territory, it is predominantly encircling how Georgians view themselves. Unlike Turkey, which is now showing closer ties to the Middle East than to Europe, Georgians seem to be far more interested in ties with Europe and the EU than with other geopolitical entities. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Georgia has done quite well, its economy with human rights record is comparatively good (compared to the rest of the region, and despite occasional bumps). Georgia is growing Geographically. Georgia is partly in Europe according to some definitions of Europe, and culturally it is European.

But many, perhaps most, Europeans outside the former Soviet Union have only a vague idea about where it is and know next to nothing about it. Consequently, they have no strong opinions about it, closer to the EU and possibly a future EU membership. It’s a great idea, Georgia is a fantastic country, having it in the EU would give them and us the same freedoms within the EU in terms of mobility, it’s a win for everyone.

The country has completed an Association Agreement without an official candidate country status. According to many EU politicians together with experts, Georgia is a spearhead toward the EU membership with EU standards, however, the country is not an official candidate so far. It is against Russia’s geostrategic interests if this ever happens. Russia needs security at its borders, to perpetuate that, it must ensure its influence over its immediate neighbors.

Jackson Guillory