Hello Everyone!

Being in the magazine business we take A LOT of pictures, so we decided to share them. We thought a gallery of our greatest pics would be as perfect as a glass of sweet tea on a hot day...or on any day for that matter! If you want to look at a bigger version, just click on the image and enjoy.

Big, fat, fluffy snowflakes fell in south Georgia in early January, closing schools and shutting businesses down for the day. No matter how you feel about snow, you cannot deny that it is pretty! It leaves a clean, cool, fresh, white coat over everything. Folks of all ages were out in it, throwing snowballs, making snowmen and taking photos. How beautiful does Banks Lake look? Thank you to Brandon Johnson for the amazing photos of Banks Lake.

Be sure to click on "Gallery" for a list of other photo pages. We're sure you will find a picture or two of someone you know. You may even find a picture of yourself!

Photos courtesy of Brandon Johnson, Wenda G Bailey, and Vickie Harsey, My Georgia Hometown Magazine.